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BBQ Tank Express is excited to offer a Seasonal Propane Tank Exchange Package.

  • Receive 12 months of exchanges or 10 exchanges, whichever comes first. 
  • Simply schedule when you need propane
  • Be prepared for all seasons

It's nice to be able to pay for a service and then forget about it for a while, especially a service you use regularly. If you love to BBQ, camp, throw parties, or stay outside under a torch when it's chilly outside, then our Seasonal Propane Exchange Package is for you. You can enjoy the best propane tank delivery without worry. The way our seasonal package works is quite simple. You purchase the package and then when you run out or are getting near the end, you give us a call for propane tank exchange. We'll head on over and get your needs taken care of. Our propane delivery is fast, smooth, and efficient. We deliver all around Southern Ontario, including the GTA to London and Niagara Falls to Orillia. If you use a lot of propane, then this Seasonal Propane Tank Package is for you. Order today!

  • If you don't have a tank or your propane tank has expired, add a 20 lbs tank to your order
  • Propane delivery that is convenient for you
Shipping is included for all customers located within our DELIVERY AREA. Expected delivery dates will be within the range listed in our DELIVERY AREA tab and a scheduled day will be sent you upon payment. Customers located outside of our DELIVERY AREA please call us at 1 844 FULL TANK for further assistance.