1) How can you guarantee that I will never run out of propane?

BBQ Tank Express recommends that all customers have a full spare tank. That way when one tank is empty exchange it for a full tank and then place another order with BBQ Tank Express. We will exchange your tank within 1-3 business days. It's that easy.

2) I don’t want to have a spare tank, can you guarantee that I won’t run out of propane?

No, the only way to guarantee you won't run out of propane is to have a full spare tank.

3) Do I need to be home for a delivery?

No, you don’t need to be home for a delivery. Place your tank at your designated spot and it will be exchanged on your scheduled day.

4) I forgot to leave my tank out. What do I do now?

In order to provide exemplary service we will leave the full tank at your designated spot as a courtesy. Our drivers will be in touch to arrange another time to pick up your empty tank. If we do not receive the empty tank, you will be charged for the extra tank.

5) My tank is 10 years old and out of date, do I need to buy another one?

Yes, if your tank is out of date or damaged you need to purchase another tank. 

6) I don’t have a BBQ Tank, do I need to buy one to join your service?

Yes, BBQ Tank Express is an exchange service where we exchange 1 full tank for 1 empty tank. If you require a new or spare tank add it to your order. 

7) Do you pick up old propane tanks?

Yes, for a $5/tank fee we will come and pick up your old propane tanks. Please contact us for multiple tank pricing.  


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