1) How can you guarantee that I will never run out of propane?

BBQ Tank Express provides 2 convenient options for solving this:

  • A) Subscribe to the gold package and have your tanks automatically delivered on the months your request. Based on our calculations you will still have fuel left in your tank and will exchange it well before you run out.
  • B) With either of the silver or bronze packages we suggest that you have a spare full tank stored in a safe location (refer to the safety tab for safe locations). When one tank is empty you exchange it with the full one, and then place an order with BBQ Tank Express. We will schedule your delivery and within 3 days your empty tank will be exchanged for a full tank.


2) I don’t want to have a spare tank, can you guarantee that I won’t run out of propane? If you have subscribed to the gold package and have selected proper months for your delivery, than yes we can. If you only want one tank and don’t want to subscribe we cannot guarantee you wont run out. We will be out within 24 hrs to deliver you a full tank, and if we have drivers in the area the day of your order we will try to delivery then too.

3) I have the gold package and I underestimated my propane usage and am now out. What do I do? Contact us and we deliver another tank at your same subscription cost within 24 hours. For the following year, make sure you adjust your delivery requirements so you don’t have this happen again.

4) Do I need to be home for a delivery? No you don’t need to be home for a delivery. Place your tank at your designated spot and it will be exchanged on the day we committed to.

5) I forgot to leave my tank out. What do I do now? In order to provide exemplary service we will leave the full tank at your designated spot as a courtesy. Our drivers will be in touch to arrange another time to pick up your empty tank. If we do not receive the empty tank, you will be charged $40 for the extra tank.

6) My tank is 10 years old and out of date, do I need to buy another one? No, as long as the tank is not dented or punctured, we will exchange it for a full freshly painted tank full of propane.

7) I don’t have a BBQ Tank, do I need to buy one to join your service? Yes, BBQ Tank Express is an exchange service where we exchange 1 full tank for 1 empty tank. If you require a new or spare tank we can provide those to you for $40/tank + the cost of the fill. If you require multiple tanks and want to sign up for service, please call 1 844 FULL TANK for multi-tank discounts.  

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