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Environmentally Safer

  • Finished material has a greater density than untreated ice salt which reduces tendency for bounce and scatter into sensitive areas.
  • Potassium and sodium acetate are chloride free, biodegradable and represent an excellent combination of liquid de-icing materials. 

Cost Effective

  • Increased surface area treated with the same payload in hopper saves time in reloads, associated fuel and labor costs.
  • Less product = less tracking and clean-up. 

Pre-Activated Formulation

  • Instant ice melting action.
  • Effective to lower temperatures.
  • Undercutting and anti-icing capability as a result of the liquid component. 

Safer for Surfaces

  • Less damaging to concrete and other surfaces due to reduced chloride content (sodium and potassium acetate) and fewer freeze and thaw cycles.
  • Reduce corrosion to metals as a result of less chloride content in addition to corrosion inhibitors. 
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