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BBQ Tank Express offers 40lbs Exchange/Fill Propane Tank.

    Sometimes you need a bit more fuel than a small propane tank in order to power more uses or to simply avoid having to refill your propane as frequently. BBQ Tank Express offers this 40lbs propane tank in Toronto. This larger tank has many uses:

    • Can power your grill for longer
    • Will require less frequent times to fill your camper
    • Is great for commercial uses, such as for restaurants
    • Can be delivered all throughout our service area
    • And so much more!

    It never hurts to have a large amount of propane on-hand for when you need it the most. Order this 40lbs Exchange/fill Tank online today!

    • Free shipping
    • Easy to refill
    • If your propane tank is out of date or damaged, add 40lbs of propane to your cart
    Shipping is included for all customers located within our DELIVERY AREA. Expected delivery dates will be within the range listed in our DELIVERY AREA tab and a scheduled day will be sent you upon payment. Customers located outside of our DELIVERY AREA please call us at 1 844 FULL TANK for further assistance.